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Re: st: permute xtmixed

From   "Anders Alexandersson" <>
Subject   Re: st: permute xtmixed
Date   Mon, 22 Oct 2007 12:06:16 -0400

Here are a few suggestions:
Assert that the model converged each time, e.g., by adding something
like -assert e(converged)==1- as a command after -xtmixed-. -assert-
is your friend. Add the permute option seed(#) or -set seed #- before
calling -permute-, for replication purposes. Run again and examine the
output. If you need more detailed info, -set trace on-, run again and
examine why Stata complains. Does that help? Can you replicate the
problem using a Stata-provided dataset?

Anders Alexandersson

Fotios Drenos <> wrote:

> I am trying to run a permutation tests on an xtmixed command and the
> I get a convergence error.
> The command I am using is:
> program test5, rclass
>         version 9
>         args dependent fac_gene fac_measurement
>         xi: xtmixed `dependent' i.`fac_gene' `fac_measurement'||sno:
> `fac_measurement', cov(unstruct)
>         testparm _I`fac_gene'*
>         return scalar pgene=r(p)
> end
> permute sqrtchol t=r(pgene), reps(100) noi : test5 sqrtchol gv242 visit
> Any suggestions of what goes wrong here?
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