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Re: st: Using adofiles from Stata 10 in Stata 8?

From   "Arne Risa Hole" <>
Subject   Re: st: Using adofiles from Stata 10 in Stata 8?
Date   Mon, 22 Oct 2007 10:59:48 +0100

Hi Kristin,

As an alternative you could take a look at the user-written
-nlogitrum- which fits RUM consistent nested logit models and runs on
version 7 or later.

Hope this helps.


On 21/10/2007, n j cox <> wrote:
> it does sound as if whoever runs the server lacks
> the correct licence (otherwise presumably they
> would install Stata 10). I don't want to
> comment further on that.
> I doubt very much whether -nlogit- for Stata 10
> will run on Stata 8. If that's true, that's the
> beginning and end of the matter.
> At this instant, I can't see a copy of Stata 10
> but you can look inside -nlogit- by using
> -viewsource-. If it says -version 9- or later,
> it won't run. Even if it says -version 8- or
> later, it probably won't run.
> In general, Stata is not a time machine
> and the chance of something written specifically
> for a later Stata running successfully on an earlier
> Stata is small. The exceptions are (mostly) some
> relatively small programs that might need
> only minor changes by a competent Stata programmer
> to make them run on the earlier Stata.
> Nick
> Kristin J. Kleinjans
> I would like to use the nlogit command from Stata 10, which I have on my
> own computer (and own a license to). However, I use registry data which
> I can only access through a server which has only Stata 8 (with a
> different nlogit version). I am able to bring in outside ado-files (such
> as user provided ones). Does anybody know if I could copy the ado-files
> from my computer and use them in Stata 8? And would this violate a
> license agreement?
> In case you would like more information - the issue is that nlogit in
> Stata 10 is RUM compatible while in Stata 8 the model is nonnormalized.
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