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st: Dual Boot XP32 & Linux?

From   "J. Michael Oakes" <>
Subject   st: Dual Boot XP32 & Linux?
Date   Thu, 18 Oct 2007 10:38:42 -0500

Friends - I am in market for new PC and wanted advice in terms of Stata 
memory access. Sorry if my question has already been answered; I 
searched archive but found nothing directly relevant.

Most of my work outside Stata is with MS-Office, Endnote and ArcMap-GIS 
software. While I like some open-source products, I use MS and Endnote 
for easy compatibility with colleagues.

When it comes to the OS for new machine I note a serious compatibility 
issue with Endnote; it does not run on Linux and does not play well with 
Win-64 machines. I rely on Endnote and compatibility with co-authors is 

Most of my Stata work requires < 1GB memory access, but occasionally I 
need 2-5 GB access.

Accordingly, I am leaning toward dual boot box with XP-32 as default and 
ability to boot into Ubuntu 7.xx for larger RAM access when needed.

With respect to Stata (or even other progs), anything I need to know? 
Anyone have good/bad experience same set-up?

Obviously I would purchase proper Stata licenses (currently run 10-MP).

Thanks - Michael

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