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st: RE: Negative Binomial Regression

Subject   st: RE: Negative Binomial Regression
Date   Tue, 16 Oct 2007 13:55:51 EDT

My most recent book, Negative Binomial Regression (Cambridge University  
Press), was published in Europe in early August, and not until early last  month 
in the U.S. Aside from the standard sites, the book is also being sold  through 
Stata's bookstore:
_ ( 
Stata is used for all examples in the text, except for using LIMDEP with  
negative binomial mixed model and selection model examples.  Of  course, many 
advanced or enhanced Poisson and negative binomial model commands  had to be 
written as Stata ado files. These, together with all data sets used  for examples, 
are posted to the book's CUP web site, but can also be accessed by  going to 
the above Stata address. 
Among other courses, I teach a web-based course titled, "Modeling Count  
Data", at _www.statistics.com_ ( . I will be  using my 
book as the course text. But since there has been some interesting work  done 
on GEE models, especially dealing with goodness-of-fit and model selection  
issues, since I wrote the relevant chapter about a year ago, I thought it  
necessary to augment the text by adding additional discussion on this new  work. I 
ended up deciding to re-write the section in the book dealing  with GEE, adding 
more material on QIC/QICu, and new discussion and examples  of quasi-least 
squares (QLS). There was a nice article in the previous  Stata Journal by 
Justine Shults and her colleagues on QLS, and they are  currently attempting to 
expand and examples related to the current  research. 
Discussion of GEE appears as a section in Chapter 10 of the book. I decided  
to go ahead and correct a couple of typos and added some other  clarifications 
in the chapter as well. Also included is an enhanced Reference  Section, 
which includes references for the added citations due to the added  discussion. 
If you have purchased Negative Binomial Regression, I recommend  downloading 
the replacement Chapter 10, which can be found on the  web site 
Joseph Hilbe

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