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st: RE: Tabulate 1x2 tables?

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Tabulate 1x2 tables?
Date   Mon, 15 Oct 2007 13:19:46 +0100

I am not clear what the precise question is here. 

I doubt that the answer is going to be "produce
several 1 X 2 tables". 

I assume measures (continuous, at least approximately) 
rather than recordings on a continuous scale. In other 
words, I assume this is not a case of calling for kappa

Cox, N.J. 2006. Assessing agreement of measurements and 
predictions in geomorphology. Geomorphology 76: 332-346                 

is a paper discussing a variety of graphical and numerical
ways of approaching this. Don't let the apparent restriction 
to geomorphology trouble you: almost all of the ideas transcend
disciplinary boundaries. 

All the analyses in this paper used Stata. 

A linked paper in which the Stata side is explicit is 

Cox, N.J. 2004. Graphing agreement and disagreement. 
Stata Journal 4: 329-349. 

You may well have electronic access to at least one
of these. 


Ziad El-Khatib

> i have 1 gold standard measurement tool that i want to cross-match it
> with 2 other methods.
> I can use 'tab' command, it does accept to tabulate 1x2.
> Any kind tips?

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