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Re: RE: st: Does a do file know its own name?

From   "Austin Nichols" <>
Subject   Re: RE: st: Does a do file know its own name?
Date   Wed, 10 Oct 2007 09:44:08 -0400

Harry Seldadyo <>:
I don't know, but the author of that program from STB-46 might, or his
reference may provide the answer:

      Mark S. Pearce
      Department of Child Health,
      University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

C. Brunsdon, A.S. Fotheringham & M. Charlton,
Geographical Analysis (1996), 28, 281-98.

See also:
Cox, N. J. 2001. "Quantitative geography: Perspectives on spatial data
analysis." European Urban and Regional Studies 8(1): 93-95
in re Quantitative geography: perspectives on spatial data analysis.
by A. Stewart Fotheringham, Chris Brunsdon and Martin Charlton. Sage,
London, 2000, xii + 270 pp. (including index). 16.99. ISBN 0 7619
5948 3.

Brian D. Ripley (1984). "Review of Spatial Processes: Models and
Applications. by A. D. Cliff; J. K. Ord" Journal of the American
Statistical Association, Vol. 79, No. 385. (Mar., 1984), p. 238.

On 10/10/07, Harry Seldadyo <> wrote:
> I just run -gwr- and had some results. Stata also reports a table called
> "Significance Test for Bandwidth". Does any one what is this, what is the
> mechanism behind the test?

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