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Re: st: local macro tempvar troubles

From   "Timothy Dang" <>
Subject   Re: st: local macro tempvar troubles
Date   Wed, 3 Oct 2007 19:36:13 -0700

On 10/3/07, Jeff Pitblado, StataCorp LP <> wrote:
> Another possibility is that Timothy's -ml- evaluator program is either missing
> a -version- statement or has a -version- statement that specifies a version of
> 6 or less.  Here is the relevent entry in -help version- the describes a
> possible cause for the above behavior:
> 1.  macro substitution is made on the basis of the first 7 (local) or
>     8 (global) characters of the name; `thisthatwhat' is the same as `thistha'


And, while I thought I was being good in posting the strictly cut &
pasted code, I didn't post enough to include the "version 6" on the
-ml- evaluator. Sorry about that. Shortening the variable names did
occur to me (which is why I changed them the way I did), but then I
searched and found names could be 31 chars and thought that couldn't
be it.


Thanks again, Nick and Mike. and thanks for the solution, Jeff!

(I'm changing it to version 10. I was using version 6 because I have
an old copy of Gould & Sribney's "Maximum Likelihood Estimation with
Stata" and was following their examples. I think I should be OK
working in version 10 now, however.)


Timothy O'Neill Dang / Cretog8
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