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st: RE: How to use Postfile without using a new Stata dataset

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: How to use Postfile without using a new Stata dataset
Date   Wed, 3 Oct 2007 20:12:12 +0100

There are some puzzling statements here. 
Perhaps I am just misunderstanding. 

First off, your title is contradictory. The 
whole point of -postfile- is to create a new 

-postfile-, with -post-, creates a file as big (or as small) 
as you make it. The number of observations in your 
dataset in memory is neither here nor there. 
In fact, new datasets spawned one-to-one from
existing datasets are almost always better produced
using quite different commands. 

I don't have a clear sense of your aim, but 
it's not evident that you need alternatives 
to -postfile-. 

However, some of the commands produced by 
Roger Newson may be relevant. I am sure that
he is willing to advise if he too can understand
precisely what you want. 

If this doesn't help, or others can't see 
more clearly what you are asking, you may need
to spell out more what you want to do. 

> Well, I am using -postfile- to compute some summary statistics from a
> number of variables present in my dataset. However, I do not want to
> create a new .dta archive, since -postfile- will output the 
> same number of
> observations that I have in the current dataset. So, my question is
> whether there is a way to do that task without creating a new 
> .dta file.
> It stands to logic that I could do that using matrix 
> functions, but this
> would be limited to 11,000 observations and, in comparison to 
> -postfile-,
> is a little bit more time-consuming.

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