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st: using inteff after probit w/multi-level categorical variables

From   Lenna Nepomnyaschy <>
Subject   st: using inteff after probit w/multi-level categorical variables
Date   Wed, 3 Oct 2007 09:43:53 -0400 (EDT)


I have been using the inteff command to test for interaction effects after probit when there is an interaction b/w a continuous and dummy variable or two dummy variables or two continuous variables.

But, now I have a continuous variable and a 5-level categorical variable and I would like to see the interaction effects for each level, except of course for the omitted one.

For example: depvar=anypay

regular uninteracted model
probit anypay income relstat2-relstat5
*I've omitted the first level of indepvar2

then I create interaction terms for the above
gen increl1=income*relstat1
replace increl2=income*relstat2
replace increl2=income*relstat3

interaction model:
probit anypay income relstat2-relstat5 increl2-increl5

the inteff command is not reading this model properly because there are two many variables and they are not in the right positions, I think.

Does anyone have a better idea? I want to see the interaction effect for each level of the relstat variable.

thank you,

Lenna Nepomnyaschy, PhD
Associate Research Scientist
Columbia University School of Social Work
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New York, NY 10027
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