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st: RE: R: Comparison in survival analysis

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: R: Comparison in survival analysis
Date   Tue, 28 Aug 2007 17:28:38 +0100

This request seems to have been overlooked. Some detective work identifies

Govind S. Mudholkar; Deo Kumar Srivastava; Georgia D. Kollia. 
A Generalization of the Weibull Distribution with Application to 
the Analysis of Survival Data. 
Journal of the American Statistical Association
91: 1575--1583. 

as the likely reference. 


Carlo Lazzaro
> KHAN,ALI wrote:
> For the same data set,the estimated parameters(two
> parametrs,alpha and beta(slope)) by weibull and
> loglogistic models narrate a different story(having
> different signs).How do the parameters of two
> distribiutions can be compared?
> The generalized weibull of Mudholkar,et al.(1996)
> provides much greater flexibilty at the expense of an
> additional shape parameter(having two shape parameters
> and in total three parameters).How do we can estimate
> this three parameter weibull distribution.

> I have two suggestions concerning your question:
> - please take a thorough look at Stata manual Survival analysis and
> epidemiological table, section streg - Fit parametric 
> survival model (a
> possible answer to your question stays in page 238 of the 
> Release n 9 of the
> abovementioned Stata manual - Table 2);
> - in order to be more likely to get an appropriated answer, it is
> appreciated to give the full reference of the article you quote
> (Mudholkar,et al.(1996)).

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