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Re: st: st_subview() in Mata

From   "William Gould, StataCorp LP" <>
Subject   Re: st: st_subview() in Mata
Date   Wed, 15 Aug 2007 10:41:53 -0500

I previously responded on the list to Nguyen Cong Minh <>,
who wrote, 

>   I used some Mata functions, and used st_view() to get the matrix from
>   data, then use st_subview() to get a submatrix from that matrix.
>   ------ Mata code -------
>    real matrix V, Yall, Xall
>    neq = st_local("neqn")
>    st_view(V,., tokens(varname))
>    st_subview(Yall,V,.,(1\neq))
>    st_subview(Xall,V,.,(neq+1\cols(V)))
>    It reported the error:
>                 mysub():  3250  type mismatch
>                 <istmt>:     -  function returned error

I said, "I wonder if the error is where Nguyen thinks it is because I see
nothing incorrect in the part of the program quoted," and then I went on to
suggest how Nguyen might track down the error.

Since then, Nick Cox privately wrote me and said, "-st_local()- returns a

Which is to say, in the code above, variable neq is a string variable, 
so in the st_subview calls, (1\neq) and (neg+q\cols(V)) are type 
mismatches.  The fix is to change 

>    neq = st_local("neqn")

to read 

     neq = strtoreal(st_local("neqn"))

That way, neq will be a real rather than a string variable.

-- Bill

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