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Re: st: r(198) error

From   David Kantor <>
Subject   Re: st: r(198) error
Date   Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:43:27 -0400

At 08:28 AM 8/14/2007, Nirina wrote:
Hi everyone,

Could anyone let me know what is wrong with the following do. file to
give me an invalid 'and' r(198).

/*foreach x of varlist $LHS {;
local xtitle "`x' OLS"   ;
  local outfile_reg "$dataloc/Results/reg_`x'"  ;
 regress  `x' $RHS, robust;
    outreg using "`outfile_reg'", ctitle("`xtitle'") append;

invalid 'and'
Thank you,

It's hard to say what the cause is, given this small sample of code. It looks like the entire sample is commented out, so the cause may be what preceded this code sample.

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