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Re: st: recommended memory for running Stata Windows 10

From   Arun Rajamohan <>
Subject   Re: st: recommended memory for running Stata Windows 10
Date   Fri, 10 Aug 2007 20:44:21 -0400

Hi Bo,

I have at some point of time used various versions of Stata on a G4 Mac with 256 Mb of RAM or windows 98 and XP with 256 Mb of RAM. Often times I have a large excel spreadsheet running alongside. Yes that visibly slowed down the machine but stata ran just fine. However, I guess that Stata suggests that you have a Gb of RAM independent of the OS you are running. I do notice a significant difference in work handling by stata as well as other softwares (when stata is running) with 1 Gb RAM. Guess you should upgrade the memory at least to a Gb and if your data sets are huge, 2 Gb would not hurt. Remember Stata often time does most calculations very fast by virtue of it having the whole data set in the memory. 


On 10-Aug-07, at 6:32 PM, Bo MacInnis wrote:

Hi Listmates,

I just installed Stata 10 with 512 MB memory. The performance is really slow. I realized that I'd need to add more memory to run this new version of Stata. Would anyone recommend that I increase the memory to 1GB or 2GB?

Thank you very much for your help,
Bo MacInnis

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