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Re: st: RE: Postfile results of the adjust command

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Postfile results of the adjust command
Date   Thu, 02 Aug 2007 08:20:22 -0400

At 07:50 AM 8/2/2007, Maarten Buis wrote:
--- Patrick Musonda wrote:
> I am using stata 9, I was wondering whether anyone knows how stata stores
> the results after the adjust command so that we can postfile them later.

Stata doesn't store any results after -adjust-. You'll probably have to
write some code that does whatever you want -adjust- to do and save the
results. If you are using a model other than -regress- you have to take
care to take the means of the predicted linear predictors first and than
transform them to the desired metric, in order to exactly reproduce the
results from -adjust-. See the example below and (Buis 2007)
The -prvalue- command, part of Long & Freese's -spost9- package (-findit spost9- ; it is on Long's own site, not SSC), is similar to adjust, and it returns some values in r (type -return list- to see what they are.) Perhaps it would meet Patrick's needs.

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