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st: RE: -outreg2- in Stata 10

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: -outreg2- in Stata 10
Date   Wed, 1 Aug 2007 18:00:11 +0100

-outreg2- is a program by Roy Wada from SSC. 
(Please say where non-official commands you
are using come from.) 

You are doing nothing wrong. 

As from Stata 10, -index()- is only 
available under version control. 

It so happens that at least one subroutine
of -outreg2- lacks a -version- statement 
by a small accident. Thus the program 
is being run under Stata 10. My guess
is that it needs a -version 8.2- 

I can recognise this bug because precisely 
the same bug bites in -concord- from SJ 4-4
by Thomas Steichen and myself run under Stata 10. 
We will be issuing an update in SJ 7-3, but the 
problem is fixed by inserting an 
appropriate -version- statement, which was 
omitted by some bizarre accident. Probably my


Mentzakis, Emmanouil
> I am trying to use the -outreg2- in Stata/SE 10 but it 
> reports an error
> message: 
> "Unknown function index()
> r(133);"
> ******************************************
> use auto
> logit foreign turn weight trunk 
> mfx2, varlist(trunk) at(rep78=3) stub(test)
> mfx2, varlist(weight) at(rep78=3) stub(test2)
> outreg2 [test_mfx test2_mfx] using test., replace excel
> ******************************************
> In Stata/SE 9.2 the above commands works fine.
> Has the syntax changed for Stata/SE 10 or am I doing something wrong?

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