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Re: st: A gentler introduction to Statalist and Seven Deadly Sins

From   P chrisman <>
Subject   Re: st: A gentler introduction to Statalist and Seven Deadly Sins
Date   Tue, 31 Jul 2007 22:20:52 -0700

As a grad student I am a relatively inexperienced with both Stata and statistics, but I want to express my opinion as a novice user whose questions have been generously answered, been referred to the FAQ and received a "cyber spanking" for a poorly phrased question. It was embarrassing to have my obvious errors pointed out to me, but it also made me try to solve the problem on my own and pay more attention when I asked my next question. As a novice I do look at the FAQs and have often found the answer to my question. Sometimes I still have questions after FAQs and manuals and pose a question to the fact if I cannot figure out my current problem I will be doing so again soon. Anyway, I justed wanted to say thanks to the many knowledgeable folks on this list who have helped me by providing answers or a prod in the right direction. Without hearing someone's voice or seeing their facial expressions it is very easy to misinterpret intent. I choose to interpret my "cyber spanking" as an educational tool not viciously motivated. Thanks for listening to my 2 cents.

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