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st: ivprob

From   "anna downs" <>
Subject   st: ivprob
Date   Tue, 31 Jul 2007 15:52:58 +0100


I have a quick query about ivprob.

If when using ivprob can I just check that I am using it correctly? I have

ivprob allwar if baseco==1, endog(avexpr) iv(logem4)

where 'allwar' is my dependent var, my endogeonous var is 'avexpr', and my
IV for avexpr is 'logem4'. I am just looking at eth results from my base
sample. However when I have written the above it says 'option exog()
required'. However in this first regression I do not want to have any
exogeneous variables in the regression. Any suggestions? I have tried just
writing 'exog()' but it says again I need an exogenous varibale in the
Thanks x

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