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st: using xtabond and xtabond

From   "natalie chan" <>
Subject   st: using xtabond and xtabond
Date   Sat, 28 Jul 2007 23:56:25 +0100

Dear statalister,

Maybe this is  a question more about econometrics than about Stata but
I can't find anywhere more appropriate to ask this question. Thanks in

I am doing regressions on economic growth equations with a panel data
of 20 years for 48 countries. I wanted to use dynamic panel approach
with xtabond or xtabond2, however, the Arellano-Bond methods are
specified for data with small T and large N.  On the other hand, I
have seen some researchers using Arellano-Bond methods on growth
models, including Bond himself. Could anyone give me some advice on
this? Thanks a lot.
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