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st: out-of-sample predictions with GLM

Subject   st: out-of-sample predictions with GLM
Date   Thu, 26 Jul 2007 14:00:18 +0200


Using proportions data, I am estimating a GLM of the type described in Papke and Wooldridge's 1996 article entitled "Econometric methods for fractional response variables...", Journal of Applied Econometrics, vol 11, 619-632.

The Stata command to estimate the model is:
glm y x1 x2, fam(bin) link(logit) robust

One nice feature of the model is that the in-sample predictions (logically) sum to one. I would like to use the model to calculate out-of-sample predictions. In this case, the predicted shares do not sum to one, but are sometimes higher or lower depending on the values for x that I plug in. This is also logical, but I'm just wondering how I interpret the predicted shares.

Is it OK to simply weight them accordingly so that they sum to one? Also, can any intepretation be given to the sum of the predicitons (e.g. if greater than 1, can it be said that underlying stock is predicted to increase)? 

Many thanks for any insights,

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