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st: basic if statement

From   "Donald Braman" <>
Subject   st: basic if statement
Date   Mon, 23 Jul 2007 00:17:25 -0400

I'm trying to understand how the if statement works. I have two
variables, var1 and var2.  let's say that they're as follows:

var1   var2
.09     0
.01     0
.03    .07
.05    .07
.09    .08

If I type "list var1 if var2==0", I get, as I expected, a result list
containing .09 & .01 .

But if I type "list var1 if var2==.07", I get nothing.

Clearly, I'm missing something. What? (I've attached the data in case
that helps.)

Attachment: data.dta
Description: Binary data

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