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Re: st: -warning: variables in at() list not found in model after mfx or mfx2

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: -warning: variables in at() list not found in model after mfx or mfx2
Date   Sat, 21 Jul 2007 01:06:59 -0400

At 05:56 PM 7/20/2007, Jean Marie Linhart, StataCorp. wrote:
Mirko <mirko.moro at gmail dot com> and others have reported a mysterious
warning message with -mfx2- after -regoprob-, identifying that it is
generated by -mfx- when the variable list in the original estimation and
-at()- specification are long. We have been able to reproduce this

We believe the results from -mfx- are correct; the warning message is not
correct and can be ignored. We want to do a little more exploring, and we will
report back to the list with a definitive answer.
Thanks Jean. -mfx- subprograms -at- and -Parseatlist- include a lot of equals signs when working with strings, and also use the string functions -trim- and -index-. I think some or all of these can have problems once strings get to be more than 244 characters. In particular, mfx subprogram Parseatlist includes the lines

if index("`vars'","`thing1'")==0 {
local unfnd ="`unfnd'"+ " `thing1'"

That eventually leads to a false warning message if thing1 does not occur within the first 244 characters of vars. I changed those lines to

local unfnd: list thing1 - vars

and the error went away. Anyway, I think that is among the changes that could/should be made in mfx.

As far as I can tell though, you are correct in saying that, despite the incorrect warning, mfx does produce the correct results.

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