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st: Urgency

From   n j cox <>
Subject   st: Urgency
Date   Thu, 19 Jul 2007 19:08:32 +0100

(This is an almost exact copy of a posting sent on 21 January.)

A member recently flagged a query as "urgent".

A couple of clicks away
from our FAQ is advice in another document, which is pretty
firm on this point:

Most of us work at least sometimes under extreme pressure
and certainly understand that things can become urgent for
a Statalist poster.

I think the best advice, however, is that claiming urgency
is usually counter-productive. The number of people it irritates
is probably greater than the number of people it inspires
to sympathy. And even though the people irritated might have
deleted the posting anyway, anything that raises the stress
levels even a little is rather unwelcome.

I don't think anyone wants to ban anything on Statalist,
but certain kinds of posting promote the aims of Statalist
well and other kinds don't do that well.

For completeness, going private because you don't want
to do this in public generally won't help you either
unless you know you are emailing a good personal friend!


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