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Re: st: Copy table--how to consistently get correct tab stops

From   David Radwin <>
Subject   Re: st: Copy table--how to consistently get correct tab stops
Date   Tue, 10 Jul 2007 09:53:47 -0700


Thank you for the explanation and workaround. Actually, so long as Stata's Copy Table treats the column variable label as just a bunch of text, I think it is better *not* to copy and paste that line anyway, since it would be just as tedious to reformat it in Word/Excel as it would be to manually enter it. Having Stata recognize column headers as spanning all the columns, or at least as a single column as in SPSS, would be a desirable improvement for future versions.


At 9:44 AM -0500 7/10/07, wrote:

We recognize that Stata needs to "know" the explicit cells in table in its
output and that is something we want to address in the future.

 Copying from the
second line of the table header will avoid the problem but that requires
manually entering the first line of the table header in your other application
after pasting.
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