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Re: st: Invalid file specification

From   "David Elliott" <>
Subject   Re: st: Invalid file specification
Date   Sun, 8 Jul 2007 16:53:28 -0300

I had provided a rather detailed answer yesterday which seems to have
gone off into Statalist limbo as I don't see it in the Archive.  One
of my suggestions to address the need to have both bestand and zk
defined would be as follows:

local fnames parsed_cfd.txt parsed_qds.txt parsed_vfd.txt parsed_tsa.txt
local sub cfd qds vfd tsa

forvalues x=1/4 {
   /* Inlezen */
   local bestand :word `x' of `fnames'
   local zk :word `x' of `sub'
   insheet a b c d e using `"`bestand'"', tab
   /* other commands */

The loop simply scrolls through the values of the parallel lists.

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