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Re: st: Copy table--how to consistently get correct tab stops

Subject   Re: st: Copy table--how to consistently get correct tab stops
Date   Thu, 05 Jul 2007 16:30:40 -0500

David Radwin <> wrote:

> A long-standing source of minor aggravation to me  is that the Copy 
> Table command (in the Edit menu) does not consistently place the tab 
> stops (characters) correctly, which means the table is incorrectly 
> formatted when I paste it into Excel or Word. The problem doesn't 
> happen in every instance. It seems to happen most often with 
> cross-tabulations using -tab2-, but that might just because I create 
> a lot of these cross-tabulations.

David notes that selecting a table in Stata 9 and selecting Edit > Copy Table
may result in an incorrectly formatted table.  The table may contain an extra
tab stop which causes problems when pasted into an application such as Excel
which relies on the tab stop to delimit columns.  David referred to a prior
Statalist post where StataCorp promised a fix in the next executable update.
However, it appears that fix only addressed a problem in copying table output
from the -list- command.

I was able to duplicate the problem in Stata 9 but had no such problem in
Stata 10.  I will investigate the problem further and report back to the list.

-Chinh Nguyen
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