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st: Pasting standard text into a .do file via an .ado file?

From   "Clinton Thompson" <>
Subject   st: Pasting standard text into a .do file via an .ado file?
Date   Wed, 4 Jul 2007 13:04:22 -0400

Hello All:
I've searched the help files & online documentation, as well as
conducted a cursory search of the Statalist archives, all to no avail,
so I'm posting my query to all of you.  And with that, my query:  I
want to write an .ado file that, when invoked, will open up a blank
.do file [doedit] then paste a bunch of standard text (via a series of
-display- commands) into the .do file.  This is sort of what I'm

/* ***************... *************** */
/* Program Name:  ************* */
/* forth and so on...         */
/***************...**************** */

version 9.2
set more off
capture log close

---- snip -----

I can generate the above via a series of -display- commands but where
I get confused is HOW  can an .ado file (I'm sure it can be done,
albeit I'm at a loss as to how...) paste this into a blank .do file
instead of in the output window?!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions & insights!

Best, Clint
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