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Re: st: Univariate regression with dep. var. censored at different points (duration?)

From   Maarten buis <>
Subject   Re: st: Univariate regression with dep. var. censored at different points (duration?)
Date   Thu, 7 Jun 2007 22:12:56 +0100 (BST)

If you are only interested in the correlation between child's and
parent's education (and maybe father's /mother's occupation) than there
are many datasources out there that have that data. A large list of
datasources for many different countries that does have complete data
that you are looking for can be found at:

If you are for some reason tied to this data you might be able to use
some of these datasources to create imputations.

Hope this helps,

--- Antonio R Carrizo <> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I sent a question yesterday about trying to infer the population
> regression parameter between parents and their offspring years of
> education from a sample of teen kids only (see below). Maarten buis
> sent an interesting suggestion about estimating logits for
> transitions
> between levels. However, I want to find a unique "b" parameter as in:
> EduChild=a+b*EduParent
> and not one parameter for each transition. I thought about some form
> of tobit that would allow different censoring values for different
> observations - the problem with the equation above being that some of
> the children will have, say, 12 years of education exactly, and some
> have 12 years but will carry on with their education, and only those
> are censored.
> Suggestions welcome.
> Many thanks
> A. Carrizo
> PS: I changed my email address!
> ----------------------------------
> Dear All,
> I would like to estimate the relationship between parents  and
> children's years of education:
> EduChild=a+b*EduParent
> I only have data for children up to 19 years old, so some of them
> will
> go on studying, so the b coefficient will be biased (at least it will
> be if I want to infer the population's beta from this subset of the
> population). The dependent variable is thus "censored" for some
> observations - for those I know that are still at school when they
> are
> observed.
> Is there a way to estimate some form of Tobit model in Stata, where I
> can specify different censoring points for each observation and
> obtain
> the parameter b? Is it more convenient to attempt the estimation of b
> by OLS?
> Thanks in advance
> AC
> ----------------------------------------
> From: Maarten buis <>
> Phuong:
> The easiest way to deal with this problem is to estimate what is
> known
> in the social
> stratification literature as a Mare model (Mare 1980 and Mare 1981).
> Say the educational system
> you study has four levels, and everybody has to finish all lower
> levels in order to obtain a
> certain level, than knowing someones highest eachieved level of
> education also implies knowing all
> transitions that persons must have passed in order to get there. So a
> person who has finished
> level two, must have passed the first and second transition. The Mare
> model models the probability
> of passing a transition. You can estimate one by making a three
> dummie
> variables: one that equals
> one if the person passed the first transition and zero if he/she
> fails, one that equals one if the
> preson passed the second transition, zero if he/she fails, and
> missing
> if he/she failed the first
> transition, and one that equals one if a person passed the third
> transition, zero if he/she fails,
> and missing if he/she failed either the first or second transition.
> Estimate a separate -logit- or
> -probit- on each variable. See the example below.
> Big advantage for you is that it deals with right censoring in a
> quite
> natural way, censored cases
> can be dealt as any other as long as you know the highest achieved
> level of education at time of
> the interview. Disadvantage is that now you don't get one effect for
> each explanatory variable but
> as many effects as there are transitions.
> HTH,
> Maarten
> Mare, Robert D. 1980. "Social Background and School Continuation
> Decisions." Journal of
> the American Statistical Association 75(370), pp. 295-305.
> Mare, Robert D. 1981. "Change and Stability in Educational
> Stratification." American Sociological
> Review 46(1), pp. 72-87.
> *------------begin example--------------
> sysuse nlsw88, clear
> /*preliminary data prep*/
> tab grade
> gen ed = grade>=12
> replace ed = 2 if grade >=13 & grade <16
> replace ed = 3 if grade >=16
> tab ed
> tab race
> gen white = race == 1
> /*generate transition dummies*/
> gen ed01 = ed>=1
> gen ed12 = ed>=2 if ed>=1
> gen ed23 = ed>=3 if ed>=2
> /*estimate the Mare model*/
> logit ed01 white south
> logit ed12 white south
> logit ed23 white south
> *--------------end example--------------
> --- Phuong Lan Nguyen <> wrote:
> > I am working on years of schooling variable for all individuals who
> are in
> > school or already completed their education. Since I plan to run
> ordered
> > probit regression, I guess I need to have a special command for the
> > censored values in the ordered probit regression. Does anyone run
> it
> > before? Please give me advice on how to set up the dependent
> variable and
> > the ordered probit regression.
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