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Re: st: Hazard function and twoway

From   Enzo Coviello <>
Subject   Re: st: Hazard function and twoway
Date   Wed, 30 May 2007 20:24:00 +0200

At 00.44 29/05/2007, you wrote:
Dear all,

I am trying to plot hazard functions based on the Kaplan-Meier estimators. I
understand that the easy way to do this is to use :
sts graph, hazard kernel(gaussian)

I wonder how I can use twoway to do what sts graph, hazard does?

Any suggestion is welcome

Maybe you can find useful -stkerhaz-

Search on SSC Archive.

-stkerhaz- can save the hazard estimates in a file. You can then use it and plot the estimates by twoway.

The command works on a previous Cumulative Hazard estimate, e.g.:

-sts gen H = na, by(varname)

-stkerhaz , bw(#) basecha(H) outfile(namefile)

Note that in the tails of time axis -stkerhaz- use different kernel from the official command. So in this region you can see some different shape of the hazard function.

Hope this help.



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