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Re: st: succinct ado list of brief descriptions only

From   "Ben Jann" <>
Subject   Re: st: succinct ado list of brief descriptions only
Date   Tue, 29 May 2007 09:59:32 +0200

Maybe, type

. adolist store myadolist, help

then type

. help myadolist

and then copy/past the list of packages from the Viewer. Does this help?


On 5/28/07, Buzz Burhans <> wrote:
Is there a way to generate a succinct list of ado files installed on my
computer that simply lists the ado title and the brief description, but not
the source?

-ado- generates a list with two entries for each ado file: the source, and
the brief description.

-adolist store- creates a file that contains a complete list of the ado
packages and their sources.

I am looking for something like -adolist store- (whether it wrote to the
screen, a macro, or a file) that would list the module description line only
as from typing -ado-.  For example:

'ESTOUT':       module  to      make    regression      tables
'RDCI': module to calculate risk difference confidence intervals
'REVRS': module to reverse variable value order

Buzz Burhans, Ph.D.

Dairy-Tech Group
Twin Falls, ID
Phone: 208-320-0829
Fax: 208-735-1289


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