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Re: st: Keymappings/backspace/insert/overwrite using Stata/Linux at the console

From   Dave Ewart <>
Subject   Re: st: Keymappings/backspace/insert/overwrite using Stata/Linux at the console
Date   Wed, 16 May 2007 09:00:30 +0100

On Tuesday, 15.05.2007 at 17:10 +0100, Neil Shephard wrote:

> >Something that I've been wondering about for a while: is there any way
> >to modify the way that Stata's command-line editing works, specifically
> >for Stata 9 under Linux, working at the console (i.e. 'stata' rather
> >than 'xstata')?
> >
> >By default, command-line editing is in 'overwrite' mode, which means
> >that if you type:
> >
> >  use ataset.dta
> >
> >and realise that I meant 'dataset.dta', I move the cursor on to the 'a'
> >at the start of 'ataset' and then type 'd', I see:
> >
> >  use dtaset.dta
> >
> >which isn't what I want either.  Instead, I must hit my "Insert" key
> >first.
> >
> >This behaviour is at odds with usual Unix shell-like behaviour and also
> >at odds with 'xstata', or Stata under Windows.
> Not a direct solution, but you could use stata under ESS (Emacs Speaks
> Statistics) and/or Bill Rising's Stata ado-mode and configure Emacs to
> behave as desired.
> See  and
> respectively for more information.

Thanks Neil...

I wasn't aware of those projects: both look interesting.  Somewhat of a
sledgehammer approach just for this particular issue, though, in my
opinion :-)  Just using the "Insert" key as required is simpler.

Anyone else aware of further options here?

Dave Ewart
Computing Manager, Cancer Epidemiology Unit
Cancer Research UK / Oxford University
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