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st: predict at observed values

Subject   st: predict at observed values
Date   Sun, 06 May 2007 15:28:01 -0500

Hi all,

I am trying to get predicted values for caries2 (my dep var) at observed values
of all exogenous var except seals. I can get predicted values for caries at
mean of exogenous variables using prvalue commands but do not know how to get
it at observed values for each observation. I want to see how the prediction
for caries2 changes if everyone gets sealants (seals=1) while their other
variables are at observed values. I ran the following code from an example by
Scott Long somewhere online. I get the following error message "i: operator
invalid." Can anyone please help by having a look at the following code and
tell me where I am wrong? All my vars are binary except c_age which is
continuous. Thanks.


. //  Predicted outcomes for binary probit using delta method
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