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st: Regresssion with pairwise deletion of missing data

Subject   st: Regresssion with pairwise deletion of missing data
Date   Wed, 2 May 2007 10:11:54 -0500

Dear stata-listers

How can I run an OLS regression using pairwise deletion of missing data in
STATA? i.e: Instead of throwing away observations when there is missing
data in any of their variables (listwise deletion), throw away a missing
variable for a particular observation, but not the observation itself
(pairwise deletion).

SPSS gives you the possibility of choosing (in their menu options)between
pairwise and listwise deletion, but STATA does not. For what I know,
listwise deletion is the default in STATA and there is no obvious way to
change it.

This is just a technical question about STATA code, I am aware of the
problems with pairwise deletion from a statistical perpsective.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help

Jaume Villanueva

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