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st: Sensitivity:

Subject   st: Sensitivity:
Date   Tue, 1 May 2007 18:44:08 +0800

Dear all,

A problem with bar graph labels.

The code designed to replace "0" by "south" and "1" by "other" works for
"south" but not for "other". Likewise, the code replaces "black" but not

I am following the example from "Stata help for graph intro"

I wish to adapt the following example to my problem :

 graph bar wage,
 over( married )
 over( collgrad, relabel(0 "Not college graduate" 1 "College graduate"))

The dataset is card.dta, available here:

My code is:

 graph bar lwage, ///
 over(black, relabel(0 "Other" 1 "Black")) ///
 over(south, relabel(0 "Other" 1 "South"))

I am using stata 9.2

Help appreciated, as always!

Patrick T.

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