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Re: st: Creating a frequency table with multiple rows

From   "Joe McCrary" <>
Subject   Re: st: Creating a frequency table with multiple rows
Date   Mon, 30 Apr 2007 09:56:47 -0400

That's close enough. Thank you.

On 4/30/07, Svend Juul <> wrote:
Joe McCrary wrote:

Can someone please recommend to me a way to create a frequency table
with multiple rows, one row per variable?

I've got survey data and many of the questions were typical 5-point
likert scales, where a particular question was asked of 6-12 different
subquestions. Each variable corresponds to a subquestion, and is
typically coded 1-5. I'd like to output the data like this:

      1     2     3     4     5      N
q2a 6    15   33    29   27   1459
q2b 2    26   48    20    4    1424

and so on. Ideally, the numbers under the 1-5 categories will be the
row percent, and the last column will contain the total number of
non-missing responses.


Nick Cox created -tabm- which is pretty close to what you want.
It is part of the -tab_chi- package. Get it by:

   ssc install tab_chi

Hope this helps



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