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st: -mvis- and multiple imputation

From   "Paulo Santos" <>
Subject   st: -mvis- and multiple imputation
Date   Thu, 29 Mar 2007 07:58:39 -0400 (EDT)

Dear all,

I have a dataset with the form

ID   Age gender  Asset1 Asset2 Plot Area value_production value_input
1    20  1       .      10     1    .    5                 2
1    20  1       .      10     2    2    4                 1

where "." are missing values. I would like to end up with a dataset with
just 1 record per ID, with individual characteristics, including land area
(the sum of the are of the plots) and non-land wealth (the sum of the
value of the other assets). That is, for example:

ID   Age gender  wealth land
1    20  1       15     4.5

I was planning to use multiple imputation and -mvis- to "fill" the missing
values of the area of some plots and of the value of some assets but the
problem would be that I would end up with different values of, for
example, asset1 for individual 1, as every observation is taken to be
independent - and that doesn't make much sense. Is there a solution that
allows me to force the values of "asset1" to be identical within
individual, either using -mvis- or other .ado file?

If there isn't, can I take averages of the imputed values of asset1 to
construct the variable "wealth" or will this mess up all statistical
inference that I may want to do afterwards?

Thank you very much for any comment or suggestion.

Paulo Santos
Ph D candidate, AEM Cornell

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