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st: SQ-Ado updated on SSC

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   st: SQ-Ado updated on SSC
Date   Mon, 26 Mar 2007 15:46:35 +0200

Courtesy of Kit Baum, a new version of the SQ-Ados for sequence analysis are
available on the SSC-Archive. You can download this new version with

  ssc install sq, replace


  adoupdate, update

The new version of the SQ-Ados contain bug-fixes and new features. The
bug-fixes are:

(1) -sqom- uses Mata structures, which are available since Stata 9.2 (April
2006). It was possible to start -sqom- with Stata < 9.2, which
resulted in weird error messages. This is fixed.

(2) -sqtab- for twoway-tables with options -se- or -so- together with ranks()
produced wrong results. This is fixed.

The new features are:

(1) Two further egen-functions, namely -sqranks()- and -sqfreq()-. The
commands can be used to store information provided by -sqtab- as a variable
in the data set (see -help sqegen-).

(2) -sqom- allows the specification of an ideal typical sequence against which
all sequences in the data set should be compared (see -help sqom-)

Many regards

Ulrich Kohler
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