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Re: st: -mim- available on SSC

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: -mim- available on SSC
Date   Sun, 18 Mar 2007 19:37:12 -0500

At 12:33 PM 3/18/2007, Nick Cox wrote:
 module to analyse and manipulate multiply imputed datasets
 Authors: John C. Galati Patrick Royston John B. Carlin
 Req: Stata version 9
 Created: 2007-02-28
As luck would have it, a student of mine wants to use a multiply imputed data set she is getting from some external source. Assuming I can convert it to Stata format in the first place, is it generally easy to do analysis with such a data set? The documentation for -mim- makes it sound incredibly simple; the help file says

For a multiply-imputed dataset to be compatible with mim, the dataset must contain:
a numeric variable called _mj whose values identify the individual dataset to which each observation belongs,
a numeric variable called _mi whose values identify the observations within each individual dataset.

I think we could handle that! But I wonder if there won't be other complications, given that the data set wasn't created by -ice-. Maybe it doesn't matter though.

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