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Re: st: binary format type str question

From   Mark Fisher <>
Subject   Re: st: binary format type str question
Date   Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:21:42 -0500

Thank you for the offer, but I do not really need them and I probably will give up now. (Instead I will ask Gelman to supply the data sets in another format.) If I decide to pursue this further, I will first look at the C code that R uses to read the versions 5, 6, 7, and 7se in addition to 8. (Thanks to Sergiy Radyakin for pointing me to that.)

Again, thank you for all your help.


William Gould, Stata wrote:

Mark Fisher <> writes,

[...] I have no problems reading the test files.  Also, I now realize the
first byte in the files I am having trouble with is not 113 by 110. Is there
a document that explains this format (and other non-113 Stata formats) or
should I just give up?
I would give up, but it depends how serious you are about file conversion.
Modern Statas read old-format datasets, so all a Stata user has to do to translate a dataset to modern format is type,
. use mydata
. save, replace

A 110 dataset, for you information, is from Stata 7, released December of
2000. Stata 8, it's replacement, uses format 112, was released January of
2003. Format 111 is for Stata/SE 7, released Feb. of 2002. I could go on.
Theseday, however, all Statas use a single format, 113.

We do not have documents on-line that describe the different formats but, if you really want them, we will produce them. It would take us a few weeks
and perhaps a couple of months to do that.

-- Bill
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