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Re: st: Factor analysis yields cumulative proportion exceeding one

From   Maarten buis <>
Subject   Re: st: Factor analysis yields cumulative proportion exceeding one
Date   Tue, 13 Mar 2007 11:45:52 +0000 (GMT)

--- FUKUGAWA, N. wrote:
> 1 i made factor analysis and found proportion and eigenvalue of
> several factors were negative before rotation. cumulative proportion
> once exceeded 1 and then decreased to 0.
> 2 after rotation, i found cumulative proportion exceeded 1 and
> never be reduced.
> the data was standardized. i used commands "factor" and "rotate".
> is this problem of the data, programing, or stata's computation?
> thank you in advance.

To quote from the manual:
"Did you notice that the cumulative proportions of the eigenvalues 
exceeded 1.0 in our factor analysis? This is due to the negative 
eigenvalues. By default the proportions and cumulative proportions 
columns are computed using the sum of all eigenvalues as the 
divisor. The altdivisor option allows you to display the proportions 
and cumulative proportions using the trace of the correlations 
matrix as the divisor."
Hope this helps,

Maarten L. Buis
Department of Social Research Methodology
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Boelelaan 1081
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands

visiting address:
Buitenveldertselaan 3 (Metropolitan), room Z434

+31 20 5986715

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