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st: group-level reliability coefficient

Subject   st: group-level reliability coefficient
Date   Thu, 08 Mar 2007 09:22:37 -0500

Dear All,

My apologies for this being a very simple (I think!) question. I am trying to determine the reliability of a scale for a group-level variable. I have not used the loneway command before and want to make sure I know the correct steps to do this.

Here are the characteristics of data I'm using:

12 survey items (i.e., individual variables)
N = 200 "groups" (census tracts) ("id_ngbd")
N = 1,000 respondents (They are unevenly grouped into the 200 census tracts). ("id_pers")

I have aggregated individual responses to the 12 items at the level of the group (census tract) so that each variable now represents the mean score for each of the 200 neighborhoods. Now, I want to create a summated scale of the 12 aggregated variables to represent the construct at the level of neighborhood.

To determine the reliability of this 12-item neighborhood-level scale, how to I specify the loneway command line? Do I list the 12 items making up the construct seperately?

Many thanks.
Margaret Emsfeld

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