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Re: st: obtaining standard error from tobit

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: obtaining standard error from tobit
Date   Tue, 06 Mar 2007 05:40:19 -0500

At 05:13 AM 3/6/2007, emmmasa wrote:
Dear all:
I am trying to obtain the standard deviation of the
error from a tobit model. I tried the fitstat utility
in v. 9 and got the message "variable _se not found".
Going through some earlier posts, I thought the
problem was with version 9 in particular, so I changed
my version to 8 - but the problem remains.
I've tried "predict stdr" but this will not work
I'd be grateful for any advice on how to derive the
standard error for a tobit model.
Many thanks in advance.
Make sure you have the most current version of fitstat. It is not the version that is at SSC. Rather, it is on J. Scott Long's personal site and is part of his -spost9- package. Type

findit spost9

to locate it. If problems persist, let us know.

Richard Williams, Notre Dame Dept of Sociology
OFFICE: (574)631-6668, (574)631-6463
HOME: (574)289-5227
EMAIL: Richard.A.Williams.5@ND.Edu

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