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st: advice re: "intervening" variable

From   Richard Goldstein <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: advice re: "intervening" variable
Date   Mon, 05 Mar 2007 09:57:05 -0500

Hi all:

This is more a stat question that a Stata question.

I have a system of 3 variables where one variable is in between,
in time and physiology, the other two variables:

	blood pressure -> diameter of blood vessel -> heart rate

That is, a change in blood pressure "causes" some change in
the diameter of the blood vessel which in turn "causes"
some change in heart rate (actually in "RRI" which is,
basically, the inverse of heart rate).

I have never come across this situation before, but I believe
that several substantive disciplines do have such situations.

Actually, I have found a fair amount of literature in
psychology; a recent overview is MacKinnon, DP, AJ Fairchild,
and MS Fritz (2007), "Mediation Analysis", _Annual Review of
Psychology_, 58: 593-614

I believe that other disciplines might also see such
situations, e.g., economics and epidemiology, but have
been unable to find any literature.

So, is there literature on this in disciplines other than
psychology? If so, any citations, esp. overviews, would
be greatly appreciated (regardless of whether the cite is
to ariticles or books).



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