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st: tmap using core-based statistical areas

From   Julie Susan Darnell <>
Subject   st: tmap using core-based statistical areas
Date   Mon, 26 Feb 2007 01:10:41 -0600 (CST)

Precedence: bulk
I=E2=80=99m having trouble executing the tmap commands. I=E2=80=99m trying =
create a map using core-based statistical area (CBSA) boundary

First I converted shape and database files from the Census
using the following syntax:

shp2dta using "C:\Documents and
database(usdatabase2) coordinates(uscoordinates2) genid(id)

I renamed usdatabase2 tmap3.

Then I executed the following syntax:

use "E:\Data\tmap3.dta"
tmap choropleth numberoffreeclinics if validcbsa=3D=3D1 &
msa!=3D11260 & msa!=3D26180 & msa!=3D21820, id(id)
palette(Blues) ocolor(white) osize(medium)
legbox legtitle("# of free clinics") legformat("%4.1f") legpos(5);

Note: the =E2=80=9Ctmap3.dta=E2=80=9D file is my main file and the
=E2=80=9Cuscoordinates2.dta=E2=80=9D is the boundary file. I=E2=80=99m inte=
rested in
showing only the metropolitan areas, not the micropolitan
areas of the CBSAs. The variable validcbsa excludes those
cbsa=E2=80=99s that are designated neither as metropolitan nor
division areas.

I don=E2=80=99t receive any error messages but when the graph is
produced only the areas around the edges of the United States
appear. Parts of FL, WA, OR, MI, and ME and the lower SE of
the United States appear. The entire middle of the country is

Any ideas about what might be causing this problem and how I
can fix it?

Thank you!!

Julie Darnell

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