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Date   Thu, 22 Feb 2007 14:54:45 +0000

Subject: st: Troubles with the memory / xtabond2
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I'm using xtabond2 with stata/se 8.0 (68 countries between 1960 and 2006).
However, I'm having troubles with the memory

no room to add more variables due to width

What did I do? Without success, I tried to compress, to drop variables not
regressed, to enlarge the memory, maxvar and matsize.

With a relative success, I used the if-command and I estimated some GMM 2st=
robust using only 10 consecutive years and the 68 countries. However, somet=
I need to make the periods even smaller (4 years, for instance), which I do=

How can I solve the problem and at least get results for n=3D68 and t=3D20?

Yours, Paulo.

Paulo Reis Mour=E3o
Departamento de Economia
Escola de Economia e Gest=E3o - Universidade do Minho
gab. 2.11;
Campus de Gualtar
4700 Braga - Portugal
mobile phone: (+351) 965823442
ext.: 5546 (telefone EEG: 253 604 510)
fax: +351 253 67 63 75
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