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st: RE: Importing Stata graphs to Word

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Importing Stata graphs to Word
Date   Wed, 21 Feb 2007 20:57:43 -0000

Despite your title, the real problem seems to be with 

No insights whatsoever, sorry. But I think a minimum report 
for anyone to work upon would include 
	version of Stata 
	version of Windows
	version of PowerPoint 
	example of graph that does not work 


Mick Cunningham
> In the recent past I have successfully copied and pasted 
> Stata graphs into Powerpoint and then been able to edit them. 
> I copy the graph as a Windows metafile, paste it to 
> Powerpoint, and then choose "Edit Picture" (using 
> right-click) and select "Yes" when it asks me if I want to 
> convert is to an MS Office drawing object. (Then I also 
> ungroup the objects.)
> However, when I try this recently, it doesn't work. The graph 
> copies fine, but after I choose the Edit Picture option  the 
> lines and labels disappear. All that is left are the blue and 
> white background objects. I've tried all the work-arounds I 
> can think of, including copying to Word, copying to 
> Powerpoint on other computers, re-ordering the objects, 
> copying graphs as enhanced metafiles, and using different 
> color schemes.
> If anyone has any insight into my error, I would be extremely 
> grateful.

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