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Re: st: Mahalanobis Distances/Syntax/Stata

From   David Kantor <>
Subject   Re: st: Mahalanobis Distances/Syntax/Stata
Date   Tue, 20 Feb 2007 15:15:09 -0500

To Anthony Petrosino:

I'm not going to try to understand the code that you presented. But I should tell you that I have a set of programs, available on SSC, that do a Mahalanobis distance measure and selection. Type
ssc desc mahapick
to see a description, or
ssc inst mahapick
to download it.

This works nothing like the code you presented (I'm not accustomed to thinking in matrices), though maybe the result is the same. (??) For each treated case it generates the distance measure in a (temp) variable; then it does the selection for that case; drops the distance measure variable, and goes on to the next treated case. But there is an option for saving the distance measure variable in a dataset (long-shaped).

I hope this helps; good luck.

At 01:40 PM 2/20/2007, you wrote:

Hello colleagues,

I'm new to Stata and to the list. We're doing a comparison group design
and using Mahalanobis Distances on two independent variables to do the
matching of units (schools).

A statistician wrote syntax for us in Stata but hasn't done the procedure
in a while and no longer remembered what each the steps means. I've tried
to decipher the syntax below.

Can anyone on the list let me know if we're on the right track here? For
one, I think that step #4 below might be redundant with step #3.

In appreciation,
Anthony Petrosino, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate,
Learning Innovations at WestEd &
Associate Director of Research, Regional Educational Laboratory, Northeast
and Islands (REL-NEI)
200 Unicorn Park Drive, 4th floor
Woburn, MA 01824 USA
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