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st: RE: Graph axis labelling range

From   "Steichen, Thomas J." <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Graph axis labelling range
Date   Mon, 19 Feb 2007 16:13:30 -0500

Don't have Tufte any more...

Is this near what you want?

sysuse auto
qui summ mpg
local ymn = r(min)
local ymx = r(max)
local yr = .05*(`ymx'-`ymn')
qui summ price
local xmn = r(min)
local xmx = r(max)
local xr = .05*(`xmx'-`xmn')
graph twoway scatter mpg price || ///
scatteri `ymn' `=`xmn'-`xr'' `ymx' `=`xmn'-`xr'', ///
  c(l) clcol(black) msym(none) || ///
scatteri `=`ymn'-`yr'' `xmn' `=`ymn'-`yr'' `xmx', ///
  c(l) clcol(black) msym(none)    ///
, plotregion(margin(l 0  b 0) lcol(none))legend(off) ///
  ylab(`ymn' `ymx', nogrid) yscale(ra(`ymn' `ymx')) yscale(noline) ///
  xlab(`xmn' `xmx', nogrid) xscale(ra(`xmn' `xmx')) xscale(noline)  

Thomas J. Steichen
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From: [] On Behalf Of Nick Winter
Sent: Monday, February 19, 2007 3:02 PM
To: Stata List
Subject: st: Graph axis labelling range


I am trying to create a "range-frame" around a scatterplot (see Tufte, 
Visual Display of Quantitative Information, pp 130-131).  The basic idea 
is that the axis line is drawn only for the range of the data.

I've managed to create it (for the y-axis only in this example) as follows:

.. sysuse auto

.. graph twoway scatter mpg price || ///
	scatteri 12 -250 41 -250, c(l) msym(none) , ///
	plotregion(margin(l 0  b 0)) yscale(noline) ///
	ylab(12 41, nogrid) xscale(ra(-200 15000)) ///
	legend(off) yscal(ra(10 45))

But this seems like a pretty ugly way to go (and requires some ad-hoc 

I'd have thought that the yscale(noextend) option would get me where I 
want to go, but this command:

.. graph twoway scatter mpg price , yscale(noextend)

draws a y-axis that runs from about 15.5 to 26.2.  Not sure why that's 

Is this something someone has programmed, or on which someone has a 
better approach?

Nick Winter

Nicholas Winter                                 434.924.6994 t
Assistant Professor                             434.924.3359 f
Department of Politics         e
University of Virginia w
PO Box 400787, 100 Cabell Hall
Charlottesville, VA 22904

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