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st: svy error message

From   "Patrick Wöhrle Guimarães" <>
Subject   st: svy error message
Date   Fri, 16 Feb 2007 16:50:46 -0200

The procedure that i talk to you (implementing in Brasil to solve the
problem -Stratum with single PSU) - it´s alocate the single PSU in
other stratum. The question "which stratum" depend design sample that
you work. In my estimation - Im working with Brasil agregated (data
with 400.000 value per year with information: weight, psu, stratum)
when I have this problem (single PSU) - I do agregation to other
stratum in the same State with more number of value. It´s a sugestion
to solve this problem and I dont have idea that it´s the best thing to
do (in statistical point but I´t a sugestion official departament that
do the research).
My do-file (algorithms) run all de 400.000 value, check for the
stratum with single PSU, agregate this stratum to other stratum with
more high value data (in the same State) and I dont have more the
errors that you talk! I could send my do files for you but you need to
write one for you specific design sample.


Patrick Wohrle Guimarães
(0xx)-21-8646-1444 (celular0 - Oi)


"Um país se faz com homens e livros" (Monteiro Lobato)

"Comece fazendo o que é necessário, depois o que é possível e de
repente você estará fazendo o impossível." (São Francisco de Assis)

"A vida é a arte de tirar conclusões suficientes de dados
insuficientes" (Luiz Fernando Veríssimo).

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