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Re: st: Hausman Taylor

Subject   Re: st: Hausman Taylor
Date   Thu, 15 Feb 2007 15:20:15 +0100

Some ideas:
a) use -regress- with time and industry dummies to have both types of fixed effects
b) if -hausman- suggested the fixed effects, why not removing the industry dummies? Then you could create an industry identifier and cluster the standard errors on it
c) industry x dummy interactions let you evaluate how the industry effects change over time (I have seen something like this latter idea, but I can't recall where).


At 02.33 15/02/2007 -0500, lamia chourou wrote:
>Dear statlist users,
>I have a panel data model that includes time invariant
>variables (dummy variables controlling firm industry).
>The Hausman test suggests using the fixed effect
>model. As this model cannot estime time invariant
>variables, I tried to use Hausman Taylor model however
>all my time invariant variables are exogenous. I would
>like to know wich model is suitable in this case?

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