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Re: st: problem with -mat_capp- command

Subject   Re: st: problem with -mat_capp- command
Date   Tue, 13 Feb 2007 08:45:27 -0600

Zurab Sajaia <> writes:

> Although -mat_capp- is undocumented command and "is of very limited 
> interest, usually only to Stata programmers ..."  I decided to post this 
> question, in case folks at Stata have plans to update it.
> when merging matrices containing spaces in column names -mat_capp- was 
> issuing the "conformability error
> .matrix a= 1,2
> .matrix colnames a="one two" three
> .matrix b=1\2\3
> .mat_capp c : a b, miss(.z)
> problem seems to come from the line:
> mat colnames `bb12' = `:colfullnames `b1'' `:colfullnames `b2''
> and possible solution could be
> mat colnames `bb12' = `:colfullnames `b1', quoted' `:colfullnames `b2', 
> quoted'
> (from reading the help, I was under impression that option 'quoted' was 
> for -coleq-, roweq- only but it seems doing the same thing 
> with -colfullnames- as well)
> I'm using -mat_capp- in my program that is distributed to other users so now 
> I'm deciding whether I wait for the next Stata update or consider other 
> solutions in my code?

Wait for the next Stata update (probably available at the end of
this week).  I will look into changing -mat_capp- (and presumably
-mat_rapp-) as you suggest.  I will double check that there are
no unintended consequences.  If there are, I will report back.
Otherwise, assume the change is in the next update.

Ken Higbee
StataCorp     1-800-STATAPC

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